Teeth whitening Gainesville

Teeth Whitening Gainesville

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Teeth whitening in Gainesville

Everyone wants a big bright smile with clean white teeth but for many of us white teeth maybe just a childhood memory due what we’ve been eating and drinking over the years or due to the medications that we’ve taken. Teeth whitening Gainesville can be achieved with the assistance of our dentist at Parent Dental Group. Our state-of-the-art office is equipped with the latest dental technology to perform any general, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry procedure. Our doctor can take a dull smile and turn it into a grin that is many shades whiter.

Teeth whitening Gainesville is done through a supervised at home system. You can whiten the upper or the upper and lower teeth depending on your particular smile. Our doctor will take an impression of your teeth from which custom mouthpieces (splints) will be made. These mouthpieces fit over your teeth and hold the bleaching agent. At home you wear the splints filled with the bleaching agent for about two hours a day. The splints are clear so nobody can tell you have them on but you can wear the splints any time of day for that solid block of time so many of our patients wear them when they are at home in the evening. You’ll use the splints and bleaching agents for a week or two until you reach the desired shade of white, the exact length of time needed for the treatment depends on the degree of discolor of the teeth at the start.

Our teeth whitening Gainesville solution will work on all sorts of tooth stains, yellow, brown or mottled discolorations are removed through the use of our bleaching solution. Our bleaching system is superior to those available in retail stores. The key is the custom made splints that our dentist provides based on impressions that fit much more snugly than the mouth trays in the OTC whitening products keeping the bleaching agent directly on your teeth. The bleaching agent itself is much more effective than those available in stores. Another benefit of this whitening system is that it is a professional whitening procedure at an affordable price when compared to other dentist-supervised systems. If you’re worried about the color of your smile let our practice show you how white it can become.

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